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Focus on what you can control and the rest will fall into place.
— David Rossi - Criminal Minds (via kittyhague)

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I’d describe my personal style as 49 Shades of Grey

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Anonymous asked:
Hi there! Love your blog! I wanted to ask, do you know if there are any links to full match videos from the WC? I know you made gifs of some moments so I was just wondering. Thanks!

Hey, thanks!! There are quite options to watch and mostly download them. I recommend these two sites: Option 1, Option 2

Hope it was helpful :)

David Luiz breaks his nose during Confederations Cup 2013.

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Zuhair Murad (Arabic: زهير مراد‎) (born Beirut, 1971) is a Lebanese fashion designer. Since his early childhood, he always dreamt of evading to a world of fantasy. Zuhair Murad started sketching dresses at the age of ten, quoted as saying “I don’t recall a day in my life without a pen in my hand!”. In 1997, Zuhair Murad opened his first atelier in Beirut, catering to a growing private clientele. In 1999, Zuhair Murad celebrated his international debut at the Alta Roma Fashion Week, following an invitation from the Camera Nazionale della Moda. In 2001, Zuhair Murad presented his couture collection for the first time during Haute Couture Week in Paris, gaining momentum with international media. He expanded towards a ready-to-wear collection, with a more simple yet glamorous approach back in 2005. In 2012, the Zuhair Murad Fashion House relocated to a new, eleven-story building in Gemayzeh, in the heart of Beirut. The majestic space houses not only the corporate offices, but also the heart of the Zuhair Murad Design Studio, including designers, pattern makers, tailors and embroidery experts. Zuhair Murad was elected as a new guest member to the Haute Couture fashion week calendar by the supervisory board of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris. This Lebanese breakthrough in the International fashion scene has lead Murad to become an icon to his peers and audiences from arount the world. His unique creations that define oriental exxence and beauty have made their way towards all the major podiums, boutiques, and personalities.

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A fact about Marcelo: Marcelo’s grandfather was very important in his life. He used his Volkswagen Beetle to drive Marcelo to training every day at Rio de Janeiro club, Fluminense, and when Marcelo almost gave up on football, Seu Pedro was always there, supporting him. Marcelo has that very same Beetle tattooed on his arm in tribute to his grandfather and everything he did for him.

Seu Pedro passed away last month, at the age of 78.

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Liza Minnelli

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Leo transforming into Jack Nicholson right before your eyes

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